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#include <iostream>
#include <sstream>
#include <complex>
#include <popt.h>
#include <TestSuite.hh>
#include "StackTest.hh"
#include "SuiteTest.hh"
#include "TestSuiteFormatterDoxygen.hh"

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int main (int argc, char **argv)


int debug_level = 0
int version_flag
int do_doxygen = 0

Function Documentation

int main int    argc,
char **    argv

Definition at line 21 of file

References ccunit::TestSuite::Add, debug_level, do_doxygen, and ccunit::TestSuite::setFormatter.

Variable Documentation

int debug_level = 0

Definition at line 16 of file

Referenced by main.

int do_doxygen = 0

Definition at line 18 of file

Referenced by main.

int version_flag

Definition at line 17 of file

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